Grey & White Paisley Sofa Cover


Sofa Cover

Please ensure you read the product description below fully.

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*Important Notes*

Please allow 1-2 weeks for sofa cover delivery.

* Fully machine washable

* Non refundable/Non Exchangeable as ordered to order.

* If you have a large 2 seater please order a 3 seater for extra “tucking” .. if large 3 seater please order a 4 seater etc.

* Please ensure you use the size guide pictured.

* The covers are not suitable for reclining chairs unless you don’t use the recline option. The will keep coming lose.

* These are a cover .. they will not reupholster a sofa for the price point. They are a “throw” that can be tucked into the creases of your sofa and they will move to a certain degree.

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